Need commercial cleaning services?

Adcrest Solutions, LLC is an environmentally friendly commercial cleaning service operating in the Metropolitan St. Louis area. We are very proud of the results we achieve and offer long-term and short-term commercial cleaning programs. Each program is designed to meet your unique needs and is consistently monitored for effective service delivery. We offer reliable and expert services at competitive prices.

Core Values

We uphold our commitments to each other and to you. Our unwavering commitment is to provide customers with high value comprehensive commercial cleaning services. We will keep our performance promises and conduct business in accordance with ethical and compliant business practices. We uphold these commitments by:

  • Keeping our promises
  • Offering affordable fees for short and long term contracts
  • Upholding our priority on safety
  • Continuing to be fair, honest and dependable
  • Providing 24-hour on-call emergency service
Adcrest Solutions


Office Cleaning Benefits

A clean office will create a good first impression, boost morale, encourage organization, reduce work-related stress and will eventually enhance employee productivity. Clean, sanitized surfaces significantly reduce disease causing germs, which can affect employee wellness and healing.

Soiled carpets and upholstery are major contributors to poor indoor air quality. Properly cleaned carpets improve air quality, prolong carpet life and help to maintain carpet warranty. A healthy and safe working environment should be the #1 priority for any business.

An experienced cleaning service is an efficient and cost effective method to ensure office cleaning tasks are performed safely and produce top quality results.

Safety Benefits

A healthy and safe working environment should be the #1 priority for any business. Clean offices are important to the safety and health of employers and employees.

Safety benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service:

  • Dry clean floors prevent falls and slips
  • Disinfectants reduce the spread of illness and germs
  • Clean light fixtures enhance light quality
  • Green Cleaning products are safe for the environment and employees
  • Work areas free of clutter promote productivity
  • Trash bins in key areas ensure waste is properly disposed and reduces the spread of germs


We strive to offer an array of high quality commercial cleaning options to small, medium and large businesses. Our core values are to remain customer driven, value and growth-oriented. Schedule your cleaning and maintenance services when it's convenient for you! Let us customize a commercial cleaning service plan to meet your budget needs.

Adcrest Solutions

Adcrest Solutions

Our focus is safety for customers and our cleaning teams. We conduct ongoing scheduled inspections and maintenance on all equipment. Safety precautions are implemented when working with hazardous chemicals. We ensure that all health and physical hazards are removed. The implementation of an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is consistently updated and maintained. Management ensures that the ERP is up to date in the event of an emergency.

Cleaning products and processes can affect the environment in many ways. It is very important to understand the benefits of green cleaning and the impact that some traditional cleaning products can have on human health and the environment.

Our safety protocols are in agreement with procedures published in the OSHA Safety and Health Standards Guide. Adcrest Solutions, LLC is locally owned, fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.
Emergency and same day services are available.